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NeteraNet and Alberta SuperNet now connect

Mary Anne Moser
tel (403) 949-3306

1 November 2004 / For immediate release

CALGARY - The students, teachers, community groups, hospitals and government offices slated to be connected to the Alberta SuperNet will now have a broadband connection to the global system of research networks through NeteraNet.

The network traffic exchange now established between Alberta SuperNet and NeteraNet allows users of the Alberta SuperNet to make connections to researchers outside of Alberta through a high capacity network, NeteraNet.

Until now, traffic between Alberta SuperNet and the rest of the world had to travel on the commercial Internet, which is too slow to support advanced network applications like high-quality video conferencing. These kinds of applications have become increasingly important in the health and education sectors.

NeteraNet does not carry commercial Internet traffic, but supports the exchange of research and educational data traffic between its Alberta members and their peer organizations across Canada and around the world. In this case, the Alberta SuperNet router in downtown Calgary will exchange routing information with the Netera router at the University of Calgary.

The Alberta SuperNet links approximately 4,700 government, health, library and education facilities in 422 communities province-wide. Axia SuperNet Ltd. designed, operates, manages and markets the network for the Government of Alberta. NeteraNet provides ultra-broadband connections to approximately 9,000 universities, government laboratories and research facilities served by 42 international research networks around the world.

"Alberta SuperNet was designed to give all Albertans equal access to powerful network resources," says Drew McNaughton, President of Axia SuperNet Ltd. "NeteraNet's connection to Alberta SuperNet is a compelling example of that philosophy in action: it extends a global research grid to all Alberta SuperNet users in the province."

"With the peering of these two networks in place, any school on the Alberta SuperNet, for example, should be able to take part in national and international broadband educational activities. Alberta SuperNet brings them to NeteraNet, and NeteraNet gives them access to the research world," Gary Finley, Netera's director of networking says.

The connection to NeteraNet provides a bridge from SuperNet to other broadband research networks around the world.