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Information Technology Enterprise Committee (ITEC)

2014-2015 Meetings

Meeting Meeting Outcomes
Sept 25/14
Nov 10/14
Jan 22/15
Mar 16/15
May 14/15

2013-2014 Meetings

Meeting Meeting Outcomes
Sept 25, 2013 Agenda
  • IT Governance: An IT governance process has been created. The iCAB is currently working on a decision making process.
  • GSMS: Targeting a July 2014 release. Representatives from four faculties have attended as is workshops with a goal to find 1-3 core workflows.
  • eUSRI: Trials have been conducted in the spring and summer courses. Results were as expected, overall rating stayed the same with an expected drop inresponse rates. An extended pilot that includes some acadeic staff in the Faculty of Science will occur in the Fall 2013 term. Other Faculties may join this pilot as well.
  • IT Consolidation: It is proceeding. 21 units out of 58 units have started or finished IT consolidation - some have consolidated only core IT, some have consolidated full IT. Science began full IT consolation in August. Augustana began full IT consolidation in September. We expect at least one more unit will begin full IT consolidation in October.
November 27, 2013 Agenda
  • Campus Alberta Initiatives: Shared data centres - linking the UofA and UofC data centres to see if it can run as a more efficient system; Federated IDs - there is provincial initiative to move towards the use of IDs from one institution to access services at other institutions.
  • Information Services and Technology - Consolidated Unit: IST must support the three missions of the University - teaching/learning, research/scholarship, and community support. IST will become more of a network of connect people across the institution. Its goal is to facilitate in all missions of the institution, not just administration.
  • IT Governance and iCAB: deferred to next meeting
  • IT Security - Compliance to Gmail Use: Google migration project is wrapping up. The Email Forwarding Restriction Procedure was also created to comply with the OIPC recommendations, specifically in aligning to the best practice of ensuring the University maintain custody and control of the information it is responsible and accountable for.
  • GSMS and the future of Student Records Management: deferred to next meeting
January 22, 2014 Agenda
  • IT Awards selection committee is now acception nominations. Further information can be found on the IT Awards site
  • A Fall Term 2013 pilot for the eUSRI was run and which was brought forward to an AASUA Executive Committee meeting where it was noted that a grievance would be filed. This will slow us down in terms of roll out.
  • iCAB's mandate is to be a suggestion box; an avenue to bring ideas forward. Working on a process to closely work as one IT unit has shone light on the necessity of a governance model to manage IT. Issue is deploying more university-wide solutions and how to address this with each department. This process needs to stay lightweight to make sure decisions get to the right place.
  • Strategic Analysis working on proof of concept on data warehousing on student data, this will reduce cost and time on reporting to the government.
  • Initial project in the GSMS program is the admissions process. Subsequent to admissions, scholarships and awards, program progress monitoring, graduation requirement checkoff, and transition to alumni are the next projects.
  • The majority of the campus has consolidated (50% of IT spend on the academic side and 60% on the administrative side).
March 26, 2014 Agenda
  • PEC-O has delegated ITEC the ability to conduct the detailed technical investigation and discussion of proposed information systems, and then make recommendations to PEC-O. Need to emphasize that this is not an end point; this will allow us to find a mechanism to evolve as the institution changes.
  • The opportunity paper is for a proposal to replace TAMIS. The current software is old and difficult to support. We are looking to find a company that will provide the software, and also value-added services. This proposal is only one piece of the puzzle; we need to rethink how we use mobile technology, standard telephones, and unified communications.
May 28, 2014 Agenda ...

2012-2013 Meetings

Meeting Meeting Outcomes
June 26, 2013 Agenda n/a
May 28, 2013 Agenda Several changes to the ITEC terms of reference:
  • Change to "All meetings will have official decisions made public" - carried
    However, although complete ITEC minutes will not be public, the outcomes of meetings will be reported.
  • Change quorum from 9 to 7 - carried; 1 abstention
  • Will review $450,000 limit and prioritization at a later date
  • Amend term to 3 years - carried
Agenda items IT Governance and IT Consolidation delayed until an extra meeting in June.
March 26, 2013 Agenda n/a
January 21, 2013 Agenda n/a
November 19, 2012 Agenda n/a
September 27, 2012 Agenda n/a